The Mauvilac campaign showcases what Mauvilac has to offer. The local Mauritian company has shown remarkable growth since its humble beginnings in the 1960’s and is considered today to be a diversified industrial group. Mauvilac is made up of a central production unit, a marketing department, a contracting division, a research department and it also has a major distribution network. Mauvilac now offers a range of 250 different products manufactured by the various units of the company and which are marketed through 850 sales outlets spread all over the country.

Mauvilac has a fascinating history, having opened its’ doors in July 1964 when entrepreneur Roland Maurel, with the help of a handful of Mauritian investors, launched a small paint-manufacturing unit in Pailles, south of Port-Louis called Mauvilac & Co. Ltd. The small unit initially employed ten people and manufactured only one type of paint, known as emulsion paint.

Four years later, in 1968, the company went one step further and launched itself into the production of oil paints. However, the early period was difficult and the 70’s were marked by a, “Slow and laborious growth,” said Roland Maurel.

“From the inception, we had to work hard and intelligently as otherwise there would have been nothing to share today with the 600 employees of the group”, he continued.  

Although progressing slowly, he kept his distinctive taste for independence.  As from the 80’s, Mauvilac launched itself into the manufacturing of paints for boats, automobiles, as well as the production of printing inks and synthetic resins.