Bazil Lauryssen

Managing Director

Mr. Lauryssen has been Managing Director of Continental Outdoor Media since its inception and has worked at the Company's predecessor companies since 1993. Mr. Lauryssen started as a Financial Director at Primesite Outdoor Advertising and worked his way up to General Manager, prior to the company's consolidation into Primedia. CorpCom's then CEO Barry Sayer recruited Mr. Lauryssen to be the Operations Director of its subsidiary company, Rent-A-Sign, then the biggest company in its sector. Within 18 months, Mr. Lauryssen started restructuring the business and played a critical role in CorpCom's listing on the JSE. In September 2000, he was appointed Managing Director of the South African business and by 2001, he was appointed as a main Board Director. After the business was sold to a joint venture partnership between Clear Channel Communications Inc. and INM SA, Mr. Lauryssen ran the South Africa business interests, constituting 75% of the Group's turnover and profits. In 2006, he became Managing Director of INM Outdoor, overseeing operations in 14 African countries.

Mr. Lauryssen holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Natal University and B. Compt Honours degree in Accounting from UNISA, and has been certified as a Chartered Accountant (South Africa) since 1993 following serving his Articles at Deloitte & Touche. In addition, Mr. Lauryssen has also been an executive member of the industry body – OAASA since 1995 and subsequently a founding member of the new OHMSA executive committee since inception and was chairman of OHMSA for three years.