3m x 6m


  • Line-by-line or Lifestyle and GRP networks that target a variety of audience segments.
  • Internally illuminated providing 24 hour exposure.
  • Rotation of faces/panels to a new location every 2 weeks providing increased reach and reduced production costs.
  • Aesthetically pleasing modern design.
  • Opportunities for innovation to increase stand-out and recall at strategic locations.
  • Effective reach of high income areas and commercial hubs.


citilites 01

7.5m x 5m


  • A single solution for a number of media challenges.
  • Citilite networks offer a flexible, off-the-shelf solution to various strategies, offering high levels of reach and frequency whilst targeting selected audiences and lifestyles.
  • The 10 networks offer incremental reach to support other media channels, ensuring your campaign’s longevity at higher frequency levels.
  • The inclusion of Citilite networks to a campaign lower Cost per Thousand and drive higher levels of ROI.
  • The networks reach consumers in high traffic environments whilst in a relevant mindset.
  • The networks are tailored to specific locations that deliver the highest  reach of relevant demographic or lifestyle categories.