moms n tots

Todays' mom juggles her job with co-ordinating her kids' schedules. Moms feel they are the one's held accountable for what goes on with their children, in spite of impinging demands and challenges. Whatever choices she makes today - type of pre-school, type of job, type of produce or milk purchased, piano teacher, soccer league or swimming lesson venue - it feels like an important choice.

Moms want products, services and brands that share their aspirations and help them to be better people. There are 7,376 million moms in SA with kids below the age of 10. 91.4% of these moms are the household purchaser and decision-maker! The easiest way to a mother's wallet is through her childs mouth. Moms control as much as 91% of a family's budget. That means mothers, not their "happy meal-hoarding" kids, are your real target market. Bottom to a mother's desire to make her children happy!


Creative that is relevant and resonates with your audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, and even more so for Outdoor Advertising! After analysis through TGI there are 10 key themes that have been identified as crucial to successful marketing to moms with tots.

10 Creative Guidelines

Provide a strong value message

Moms juggle budgets all day, so advertising that suggests value will win!

Encourage them to find out more about your brand

They want information and will seek it out so make it easy to find and accessible

Show them you understand their hectic schedules and lack of time

They warm to messages that show understanding of their time contraints

Engage them

Highly discerning, advertising that entertains has a better chance of success

Inspire moms with new ideas

Whether for school lunches or other treats, moms always need a little inspiration

Credit them with intelligence

Don't patronise, make your brand's communication as intelligent as they are

Gain their trust

Mothers want to know that their money is going to be spent with a company they know and trust

Recognise their media touch points

Reach them as they lead they busy and active lives

Give them Quality

Enhance your brands quality perceptions via messages and media selections

Be relevant

Build brand messages on true insight into their lives