Baby Boomer

Who is a Baby Boomer? Born between 1946 and 1964, there are over 5 million South Africans who fall into this generation category. They have tremendous spending power. Boomers are responsible for 47% of all spending. Although wealthy and willing to spend, Baby Boomers typically feel ignored and misunderstood by advertisers, which presents a lucrative opportunity for those that take the time to get to know them.

Boomers like to travel and do things they've never done before, try things they've never tried before. They have more free time than younger generations because their children are grown and gone. They also have more disposable income and they like to spend it on experiences. Technology – yes, technology. Boomers are not luddites, in fact, they spend the most money on tech. They also spend the most money online.

Targeted luxuries – Boomers won't just spend on any luxury, but will if the luxury speaks to their passion. For example, wine. A middle-income boomer may not splurge on much, but if they are passionate about wine, you will find some expensive bottles in their house. They will also be thinking about their next stay at a B&B in a wine region.

Phone and email contact – they prefer to talk on the phone or through email. Texting and social media exchanges, not so much.

Being ageless – Boomers want to stay youthful, not young, but young in heart and activity.


Creative that is relevant and resonates with your audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, and even more so for Outdoor Advertising! After analysis through TGI there are 10 key themes that have been identified as crucial to successful marketing to Baby Boomers.


10 Creative Guidelines

Connect with their interests and passions

They have time and the money to spend and will relate to products that understand them

Encourage them to find out more about your brand

They want information and will seek it out so make it easy to find and accessible

Reflect their young at heart attitude

They warm to messages that make them look or feel younger

Engage them

Highly discerning, advertising that entertains has a better chance of success

Pamper & spoil them

It's their time, give them the luxury they deserve

Credit them with intelligence

Don't patronise, make your brand's communication as intelligent as they are

Celebrate their optimism

Forge an emotional connection by celebrating the many positives of this stage of life

Recognise their media touch points

Reach them as they lead their busy and active live

Give them quality

Enhance your brand's quality perceptions via messages and media selections

Be relevant

Build brand messages on true insight into their lives