South Africa's Black, upwardly mobile "bhujwa" set is still growing at a healthy rate and remains surprisingly recession-resilient, with an annual spending power estimated to be R300-billion! This growing group of consumers have drive, ambition and high social networks.

They feel that their true identity is not understood and claim that they are often misrepresented. They do not wish to be stereotyped and ask for marketers to learn about their lives and what makes them tick.

"Talk to us, engage with us, capture our imagination". This group of consumers have fast-paced lifestyles, and face many competing demands on their time. They are playing a game of catch-up now that so many new opportunities are presented to them. Many are holding down multiple jobs, studying part-time, whilst also raising a family. This pressure cooker environment means limited time and attention given to traditional media. They are very techno-savvy and spend much of their day interacting on mobile social platforms. The best way to reach them is by driving them from Outdoor Advertising onto social networks.


Creative that is relevant and resonates with your audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, and even more so for Outdoor Advertising! After analysis through TGI there are 10 key themes that have been identified as crucial to successful marketing to the up and coming Bhujwa set.

10 Creative Guidelines

Recognise their individuality

Be less 'mass' and more individual in approach

Acknowledge their need for balance

By sympathetic to changing work/life priorities

Celebrate their relationships

Try to encourage and enhance social interaction

Fuel their passions

Become more closely aligned with their personal passions

Respect the value of their time

Understand the need to achieve more with their time

Enrich their lives

Offer new and richer experiences

Satisfy their demand for quality

Communicate elements of quality and reinforce value

Become more familiar to them

Frequency builds brand presence, especially close to purchase

Treat them with intelligence

Be clever in marketing so they feel actively engaged

Appeal to their taste for new technology and toys

Ensure all marketing messages have a link to a social platform or mobile application