16% of Gautrain travel is to and from the ORT International Airport. This affluent and high-powered market travel for both personal and business reasons. Your aspirant advertising will endorse their yen for recognition and status and will complement their travel experience. You'll reach both male and female travellers of all races.

Reach the business decision makers who determine where the company's budgets go. They're a well educated , professional audience with high disposable income that are more likely to be early adopters.

Frequent airline travelers are sophisticated consumers with varied tastes and the income to pursue their interests. They're upscale, fashionable, buy luxury cars, seek out new products and services, are techno-savvy, and highly engaged in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.



Creative that is relevant and resonates with your audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, and even more so for Outdoor Advertising! After analysis through TGI there are 10 key themes that have been identified as crucial to high-flyers.


Creative Guidelines

Connect with their sense of responsibility

They have time and the money to spend and will relate to products or services that appear credible and responsible

Encourage them to find out more about your brand

They want information and will seek it out so make it easy to find and accessible

Respect their busy lives

Ensure your message is short, sharp and to the point.

Engage them

Highly discerning, advertising that entertains has a better chance of success

Drive them to social platforms for more info

This market are social network savvy, as well as technologically advanced

Credit them with intelligence

Don't patronise, make your brand's communication as intelligent as they are

Speak to their status within business

Forge an emotional connection by celebrating their success and status within business

Recognise their media touch points

Reach them as they lead they busy and active lives

Give them Quality

Enhance your brands quality perceptions via messages and media selections

Be relevant

Build brand messages on true insight into their lives