Sports 1

The Gautrain network is designed to reach the key sports and entertainment stadia in Gauteng in Pretoria, Centurion and Ellis Park. Sports supporters travelling to soccer, rugby or cricket games are upbeat, excitable and jovial. Their mindset is expectant and highly receptive to your brand message!

They're all ages and mostly male...and travel from all stations to get to their game! Advertising with a masculine focus will resonate with this market!

This network also reach those travelling to and from international live entertainment acts hosted at the sports stadia...the profile of this audience depends on the group/act playing! These music fans are also jovial and expectant and in the mood to be entertained!

Their experience begins when they leave home. Sports and entertainment supporters enjoy the good life and like to drink alcohol before, during and after the game or show...follow their every move!

The Gautrain offers a safe way to get to and from their entertainment. The number of fans using this service is growing and statistics show a spike in passenger figures on special game and show days!


Creative that is relevant and resonates with your audience is a crucial element of any marketing campaign, and even more so for Outdoor Advertising! After analysis through TGI there are 10 key themes that have been identified as crucial to successful marketing to frequenters of sports games.

Creative Guidelines

They're in a jovial, expectant mood...

Make your message fun and challenging.

Encourage them to find out more about your brand

They want information and will seek it out so make it easy to find and accessible

Create a need

Successful campaigns targeted to those who support sport will create a need for the product.

Engage them

Fun and sports-related advertising that entertains has a better chance of success

Drive them to social platforms for more info

This market are social network savvy, as well as technology advanced

Credit them with intelligence

Don't patronise, make your brand's communication as intelligent as they are

Entice them with variety

Sell the destination!

Recognise their media touch points

Reach them as they lead they busy and active lives

Give them Quality

Enhance your brands quality perceptions via messages and media selections

Become more familiar to them

Frequency builds brand presence, especially close to purchase.