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  • South Africa is home to a multitude of nations housing individual beliefs, religions, traditions and customs.
  • Talking to 70% of South Africans dwelling in deep rural, to rural and peri-urban areas requires a new understanding and appreciation for life in South Africa.
  • Consumers however, rich or poor, still consume FMCG and other manufactured products; they have aspirations and cannot be ignored.

The Calabash Community

The Calabash Community, derived from the UCT Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing insights are:

  • Individuals living in households with a monthly income of < R5000
  • The largest market segment by number (70% of our population)
  • The market of the future- 80% of SA children are survivors
  • "Asset rich but cash poor"
  • Multi-dimensional (Rural and Urban dwelling)
  • They're "Survivors" made up of:
  • 10.5 million households (21.5 million adults)
  • ...with a total spend R225 billion per annum

Why the Calabash

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What is a Network?

  • A Network or Package is a number of individual panels sold together as a group.
  • These Networks have pre-determined inventory allocation.
  • A Network offers an agency or client a direct solution to their media planning needs.

Benefits of the network for you

  • Ease of a solution!
  • Segmented according to audience opportunity to see
  • Value for money
  • Geo-demographic and geo-psychographic
  • Provide building blocks for the bigger picture