Whilst consumers are living with, and within, a multimedia world, from media scarcity, to digital media surplus, the question is whether technology is going to change the face of outdoor advertising. This is not necessarily the case, as outdoor formats follow demographics and reach relavant consumers in their environment. Digital formats, and campaigns that drive consumers to digital environments like mobi sites and Facebook, are becoming more prevalent, and are driven by the creative message on the outdoor advertising format.

Digital formats have begun replacing traditional outdoor advertising, and JCDecaux are embracing the digital revolution with formats in shopping malls, airports, the Gautrain, Roadside, in Medical Practices, and in bars and pubs.


JCDecaux has installed over 30 state-of-the-art digital roadside billboards in sub-Saharan Africa, packaged into numerous dynamic networks by country and day-part.  All screens, managed and flighted from the Digital Hub in Bryanston, South Africa, are in line with cutting edge international standards. The Daktronics screens, offering ‘eye-popping’ image quality (280 pixels tall x 560 pixels wide), are made with using the latest global digital technology.

The screens offer the widest colour palette (144 quadrillion colours) ensuring content creator's have the ability to digitally duplicate ad copy reproductions. Increased contrast with zero perceived tiling, minimized lines between blacker blacks, richer colours, and bolder images equal one great-looking display. This technology also encourages energy efficiency. A further enhancement is the addition of proof-of-play webcams which have been installed on each screen to provide advertisers real-time reassurance that their ad is being flighted.   

The networks offer advertisers tactical messaging, day-part message management and real-time updates. This allows for strategic, location-based multiple impacts throughout the consumer’s day, creating seamless conversations with consumers and fitting in with their lifestyle or life flow and can be sewn together to create a coherent story.

To discover how you can benefit by day-part message flexibility and book your spot within our Ignite network contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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airpodHyde Park


The iconic InfoPod is a self-contained multi-screen unit designed specifically to communicate and interact with customers throughout the retail sections of airports.

The pod features:

55" and 65" Full HD screens play content from local, national and global advertisers and messages to promote events and offerings in the airports and shopping centres.

The screens on the front and back of the pod are full (1080p) High Definition LCD screens for maximum clarity and impact. The portrait format has been embraced by the digital outdoor advertising industry and their clients' brands.

17" Touchscreens

The smaller screens on the sides of the pod are interactive and provide many features of benefit to the customer and the Centre Management, they are positioned on the sides of the units so as not to interrupt the display.

    Creative flexibility
    Static animation
    No production cost
    Production uploaded via our network

For Digital quiries, please contact us at 011 514 1400

Sandton Gautrain Station Escalators


Follow your consumer for up to 30 seconds on each of the 6 escalators at the Sandton Gautrain Station with a total of 80 26" LCD screens. This allows for repetitive digital messaging captivating consumers on the move.

Pub TV (Socialite)

pubpub 2

Digital, full motion posters (DigiPosters) placed in key convergence areas in the venue that show brand messaging and ads interspersed with venue promos, menu items, happy hours and specials, combined with Branded TV's that catch the light and the eyes of patrons as they watch their favourite sport or show.



Cape Town International Airport

10 Plasma screens (103") positioned around the Domestic Arrivals Hall that target consumers whilst they wait for their luggage.

Benefits include the facilitation of rapid creative changes, and very low production costs.

Creative flexibility means that you can target your audience with different messages

-at different times of the day.

-on weekdays/weekends

-according to the time of the year.

For Digital quiries, please contact us at 011 514 1400