Continental Outdoor and Samsung Iconic Site in Zambia

The night skies in Lusaka, Zambia are lit up by Continental Outdoor Media, hosting the Samsung logo on Findeco House which has now become an iconic site on the skyline. In 2012 Samsung was voted as the ninth most recognised brand in the world. Findeco house reveals Samsung's commitment to the African continent and in particular Zambia. Samsung has taken ownership of the cityscape by acquiring this Continental Outdoor building space as a permanent site and in so doing, has demonstrated its brand power in Lusaka.

This project took fifteen months to finalise, from the initial first tender to the flighting of the Samsung creative and turning on the lights. It was a massive team effort that required local Zambian and South African engineers' expertise to ensure that a quality product was constructed and delivered in line with International standards and on time.

This would not have been possible had it not been for the co-operation and assistance of the NHA (National Housing Authority).

The building is twenty-two storeys high and can be seen from numerous locations within Lusaka. It is the tallest building in Lusaka and Zambia. Sites such as Findeco House are iconic landmarks and are interwoven into the fabric of the city's cultural identity.

Construction of Findeco House was commissioned by the first Republican President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda on 28th June 1978 and completed in the same year. The original owners of the building were the State Finance and Development Corporation Limited (Findeco Limited). Findeco Limited was the holding company of the Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation Limited (Zimco Limited) in the financial sector.

Findeco House is located on the Corner of Cairo Road and Independence Avenue, on the Southern part of the Central Business district of Lusaka. Its total area is 8900m squared, which is leased as office and retail space. There is also parking space in the basement.