Continental Outdoor Media implemented an integrated media campaign merging out-of-home (OOH) media to a social platform enabling the man on the street to vote to “give that man a Bells”. The people of Jozi are being given the opportunity to recognise local unsung heroes, by putting their names on “Neon Lights”, in the form of the Bells interactive sites all over Johannesburg. The Bells Man of Character campaign encourages consumers to nominate, by SMS, the names of the not yet recognised heroes in their lives.

Continental Outdoor Media collaborated with the Channel Communication Agency, Nota Bene and their outdoor experts Kinetic, the creative agency King James, Grapevine and the Bells Brand Team to create the Bells Man of Character campaign. Grapevine will monitor the interaction on the sites. They manage the SMSs sent to the screens from consumers and once the most impressive heroes have been chosen, they transfer the stories of these exemplary men and women to the screens.

The campaign is fun, punchy and creates maximum impact in the outdoor arena, in the age of social media. Continental Outdoor Media are in-touch and are embracing the digital revolution that is taking the world by storm, with this type of interactive and readily updateable OOH media.  The idea was sparked by the rebranding and repositioning of the Bells brand that was engineered by collaboration of top creative teams and implemented by Continental Outdoor Media, who are always looking for innovative ways to stay at the cutting edge of the outdoor industry.

The essence of an unsung hero is someone who does great things in either their community, their industry of choice or just day-to-day life, without feeling the need for recognition, or receiving it. There’s probably an unsung hero in all our lives and because they don’t do it for the recognition, they are often overlooked. This is a chance for these everyday heroes to see their names up in “Neon Lights” and for the community to recognise the valuable contribution that everyday people are making in South Africa.

The objective of the campaign is to create rapid awareness over a very short space of time in a region where the primary target audience of the brand is prominent and Gauteng was selected for this OOH interaction. This campaign was ideal to communicate the Bells brand truths as recognising men of character and principle.