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In a first of its kind Continental Outdoor Media Botswana has acquired exclusive rights to advertising in one of the largest retail spaces in Botswana. Rail Park Mall, a 368 million pula development, based on an eight hectare site, first opened in October 2011 and fast established itself as the busiest mall in Gaborone. Located adjacent to the main bus and train station in Gaborone, large footfall daily makes its way through the Mall.

This makes it the perfect place for a project of this size OOH and concentration. Drawing on many years of Africa experience Continental Outdoor Media Botswana has put together exciting and new OOH packages at the Mall which will offer customers unrivalled exposure.

It is an important milestone in the outdoor advertising environment in Botswana, as never before have advertisers been offered such a vast range of affordable indoor and outdoor mall advertising opportunities. Not only is it the first of its kind on this scale but due to its proximity to the station Rail Park Mall forms part of an established precinct, very well supported by taxi and bus commuters. In addition there is easy access by car, due to major changes in the roads system around the mall. It offers consumers new channels to reach their target markets – both inside and outside the centre.

OOH opportunities include: a circle entrance hosting an impact tower with four panels on the top that is perfect for recall and brand awareness, offering over 45 square metre advertising area; and a diverse array of banners, murals and wraps in and around the mall. Converse (shoe retailers) has taken bridge banners, railings and heart of the centre package that includes lift, escalators, floor mural, drop banners and a pillar wrap, 250 square metres of branding space –thus taking ownership of the heart of the centre.