(8 May 2012, Johannesburg) Breast Cancer awareness in rural Botswana was given a boost through a partnership with Continental Outdoor Media and The Journey of Hope (initiators of the awareness campaign). Continental Outdoor sponsored Citilite billboards bearing the organisation's message which appeared across the expanse of Botswana.

Each year, a group of volunteers who are breast cancer survivors, embark on a journey from Gaborone to Maun on pink Vespas visiting villages and towns offering awareness workshops and breast examinations.

"Our work with The Journey of Hope proved that simple awareness goes a long way in dealing with this highly treatable illness. Breast cancer incidence has taken over that of cervical cancer in Botswana and so we are glad to be a part of a wonderful and effective initiative," said Susannah Steenkamp, Continental Outdoor Media Botswana General Manager.