(30 April 2012, Johannesburg) Continental Outdoor Media's billboard strategy at airports has successfully decluttered the space as well as created a better solution for marketers.

"Our outdoor campaigns have become extremely focused towards certain target audiences in airports. So if a client like Visa wants to target a business traveller for instance, the campaign will be executed in a business class lounge and not duplicated in a meet and greet area. We now allow the client to own a particular airport 'zone'," said Shane Thompson, Continental Outdoor Media general manager.

In zones, such as passport control, Continental Outdoor Media showcases clients' work on large bulkhead structures. In addition, the company has invested in superstructures or gantries that suspend over several traffic lanes at airport entries and exits. "The advert on a gantry billboard is the passenger's first and last impression when entering and exiting the airports," he said. These gantries vary in size from 240 square metres and 81 square metres.
"In essence we devise a solution for the client – do they want adverts at passport control, in the duty-free zone or at restaurants? The art is to be able to know how to reach a chosen market," said Thompson.

Continental Outdoor Media's airport advertising clients include Standard Bank, Visa and Motorola.