(20 March 2012, Johannesburg) The total loss of revenue of the proposed alcohol advertising ban is expected to be around R2.6-billion, resulting in about 2500 jobs in the media industry being threatened – and this number is a "conservative estimation," said Barry Sayer, CEO Continental Outdoor Media,

"There will likely be more than 2500 people losing their jobs. About 30 000 more people will be impacted by the retrenchment of employees. Ultimately, the most vulnerable will be effected," Sayer asserted.

The out of home and print media industries will be the most impacted by the proposed alcohol advertising ban.

"Meanwhile, what is so ironic is that the ban will have a negligible effect on alcohol abuse. We note that non-branded liquor products such as methylated spirits and home brew are responsible for much alcohol addiction," said Sayer.

The research indicates that precedents in Canada, Denmark and New Zealand found no evidence of reducing alcohol abuse. "In fact, the ban on alcohol advertising was lifted."

"Continental Outdoor Media supports the self-regulation of the alcohol industry, emphasising that advertising should always educate consumers about the effects of the consumption of liquor," Sayer said.