1 02 89e891ea30(29 February 2012, Johannesburg) Continental Outdoor Media today launched its 'off the shelf' Citilite networks, enabling media agencies and marketers to book networked sites from their desks with ease.

"Marketers and media agents are able to choose from pre-packaged networks. These networks are segmented according to marketers' needs," said Adelaide McKelvey, Continental Outdoor Sales and Marketing Director.


 2 01 cd16b82504Marketers can choose from eight Citilite networks differentiated by demographics and psychographics. McKelvey explains these networks are sold in monthly bursts, with a two-weekly rotation. "These networks allow marketers to gain access to their chosen captive markets quickly and cost-effectively."



 3 03 cc6686d54cPre-loaded network presentations were given out at the Citilites launch and clients were able to browse networks and purchase packages at the press of a button.