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The Motorola RAZR phone's outdoor advertising campaign at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg proved that cleverly executed ads can stand out amid significant clutter.

"Airports are perfect sites for large-scale billboard campaigns especially as a fairly captive audience is present in what we term a "high-dwell" area. Therefore, this is attractive to advertisers which results in adverts having to be different and interesting for the consumer. We worked with Motorola to achieve this," said Lyn Jones, Continental Outdoor Marketing Manager.

The campaign was launched over the busy December/January travel season in order to reach many local and international consumers. Motorola RAZR billboards were wrapped around a building at OR Tambo with a similar shape to the cellphone: mimicking the 'razor' thin shape of the phone.

"The shape of the building was a fantastic solution and our client was very happy with the campaign," said Jones.