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Flex face 2

Continental Outdoor held their annual Flex Face Fashion Show at their Head Office on Friday 30 September with staff and clients who transformed billboard flex faces into outfits that encapsulated the essence of each of their relevant brands.
Continental Outdoor recognises that its corporate responsibility is to minimise the potential for causing harm to the environment in all aspects of its activities. Outdoor flex face vinyl, the material most commonly used to flight billboards is not bio-degradable, and as part of Continental Outdoors' commitment to its green policy, old faces are contributed to the community and other organisations to make handbags, wallets, purses, and even furniture! This gives the vinyl an extended life. The Flex Face Fashion Show is another way to demonstrate how brands can be taken beyond the billboard onto the catwalk!

The task was to design an outfit that best demonstrates each team's perception and understanding of their selected brand. Each outfit, or outfits, need to encapsulate the essence of the brand within the 3 minutes allocated to each team. To do so effectively each team had to research their brand, its pay-off-line, the brand intrinsics, what it stands for, its personality, and the jingle or sound associated with it. Anyone that has felt the weight and thickness of a flex face will understand the challenge that this posed!

The three independent judges for the event, Gigi from the Lollipop Lounge, Gordon Patterson (The Starcom MediaVest Group) and Jennifer Daniel (Telmar), rated outfits based on the use of the flex face material, the communication of the brand essence, and the creativity of the outfits.

The standard of the outfits was exceptionally high and the judges had their work cut out for them. In the client/agency category the first and second prize of a R100 000 and R50 000 Citilite campaign were both won by Mindshare modeling KFC and Kelloggs outfits! The Admin Department won the Continental Outdoor staff challenge!

Creative, exciting and insightful outfits were also modeled by BMW with their rugby campaign, Busby modeling their Guess, Aldo and Nine West brands, Outsurance from Namibia, Hirt & Carter modeling Black Label, the Lollipop Lounge and Renault.

For further pics of this event please go to Continental Outdoor's Facebook page.