It's a hat-trick! Continental Outdoor wins OOH sector in MOST awards for the 3rd year running! The MOST Awards celebrate and recognise the marketing and sales teams from media owners for their sales prowess and service excellence.
Continental Outdoor Media is Africa's largest outdoor advertising company and operates in 14 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We have created a philosophy and culture, aptly name CORE, that encourages our staff to be experts in each of their fields and to perform their tasks from their hearts.

We live by the mantra that the quality and history of our relationships with all our stakeholders, (staff, clients and suppliers), is perhaps the only source of competitive advantage that ultimately cannot be copied.
The company has won the coveted MOST award in the Out of Home sector for the past 3 years since the inception of the awards in 2009, and believe that this demonstrates our commitment to creating and cementing outstanding relationships and experiences for whomever touches our business. This is engrained in the CORE values that we believe in. We strive to build sustainable relationships that demonstrate a love for our brand and show respect for all those that we do business with, both internally and externally of our business. We have inculcated a culture of excellence and quality throughout our operation.

We believe that our success in Africa is as a result of superb leadership and outstanding service, delivered by a solid and stable Sales and Marketing force. We also appreciate that accolades such as the MOST Awards are thanks to the whole business, especially all the support departments, being aligned down to the CORE!

We thank all our clients and suppliers who continually support and do business with us, and promise that we will always do our CORE best to deliver the most exemplary service and products...and in so doing build and maintain brands and relationships that will last.