barry sayer

Barry Sayer, CEO of Continental Outdoor Media, Africa's leading outdoor advertising company, was unanimously elected as President at the recent 52nd annual General Assembly of FEPE International.

FEPE International (the Fédération Européenne Publicité Exterieur) is a worldwide association of outdoor advertising companies, and was formed in Paris in 1959. Since its inception it has become a global association playing a leading role in the direction of outdoor advertising research, and engages in worldwide lobbying for outdoor advertising with authorities, international organizations, political opinion formers and the media.

At the Assembly the outgoing President, Christian Kauter was thanked for his six year tenure. Rob Atkinson, MD Clear Channel UK, and Daniel Hofer, CEO Affichage Switzerland were elected to join the Board as new members.

The Assembly took place following a successful Congress held in Madrid, which attracted 186 delegates from 29 Countries from around the World.