Judgement has been awarded in favour of Clear Channel Independent in litigation against Ad-Outpost and the landlord who unlawfully dispossessed them of their billboard mounted on a strategically placed wall sign in Cape Town. Litigation commenced in December 2003 when Ad Outpost erected a billboard over that of Clear Channel Independents' billboard, for which they had not been granted permission. During this period Ad Outpost unlawfully generated income from Outsurance of the billboard.

The original billboard belonging to Clear Channel Independent has now been re-instated.EndsAbout Clear Channel Independent (Pty) Ltd

Clear Channel Independent is a joint venture partnership in Africa held in equal proportion between Clear Channel Inc. and Independent News and Media PLC. The company is Africa's largest billboard advertising company commanding approximately 50% of the South African billboard market according to AD Index and operating in a further 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.