Sportskin, the new cosmetic range designed for active men, was recently launched with Clear Channel Outdoor's Citilite range. We chose the Citilite range to assist in our launch, as they offer fortnightly rotation, creating the impression that the brand is everywhere, and is supported by a big and bold company¬Ě states Elzette Hay of Sportskin.

In short, we believe that outdoor advertising is an important part of the marketing mix. Also, with outdoor advertising you have an opportunity of reaching a specific customer group (those who are driving to work in LSM 8-10) daily. With the launch we especially wanted repeated exposure to a very specific group to build brand recognition¬Ě. EndsAbout Clear Channel Independent (Pty) Ltd

Clear Channel Independent is a joint venture partnership in Africa held in equal proportion between Clear Channel Inc. and Independent News and Media PLC. The company is Africa's largest billboard advertising company commanding approximately 50% of the South African billboard market according to AD Index and operating in a further 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.