pearl-of-africaOn landing at Entebbe International Airport (EIA) you will be forgiven for thinking it's a coastal town. The airport is seated on a peninsula almost entirely surrounded by the scenic Lake Victoria. With a political history that includes the infamous Raid on Entebbe and appointed as an important base for the United Nations into nearby Sudan and DRC, EIA fulfils a pivotal role in the East African community.

According to Deon Viljoen, General Manager of INM Outdoor Uganda, for the advertiser, Entebbe International Airport offers an uncluttered array of media-types that cater for both the small and large budget advertisers. Advertising opportunities with EIA have been created to give each advertiser a highly visible position for his particular brand, product or service at this premier gateway to the spectacular wonders of East Africa. Innovation is encouraged!

A long history of Civil War and Political Unrest within Uganda has unfortunately impacted on it's growth potential and it has only been in the last 10 years that the country has stripped off it's "no go" status and embraced a true free market policy. A natural spin-off to benefit from this position is the Country's most important gateway - Entebbe International Airport. Tons of fresh produce in the form of Tilapia (fresh water fish), roses and okra are exported to European Markets on a daily basis - a sure sign of a burgeoning agricultural industry.

The sad past affected some of the most pristine forests, jungles and water-masses. But vigorous lobbying and implementation of protective laws have ensured the safety of both rare and common fauna and flora.

To the tourist, the first impression of Uganda will be landing at Entebbe. And be pleasantly surprised... EIA has one foot still firmly planted in the Olde World charm of Africa and the other a single-minded intent of growing with technology and international modern day air trafficking trends. Over 800,000 people passing through the modern airport annually.

In efficiency, passion and friendliness it cannot be compared with even bigger airports in this part of the world. Most of the major airlines have a base here - SAA, Kenya Airways (with its recent partnership with Air France & KLM a formidable force), SN Brussels, British Airways and Emirates. The latter has just announced Uganda it's 2nd most profitable route in Africa. A sure sign of things to come, says Clear Channel Independent Africa's Viljoen.

On leaving the confines of the airport a potentially harrowing 40km journey awaits you to the Capital City, Kampala. But the tourist may just want to rest at one of the many lake-side resorts found along the way. Sit back and watch the waves lap the shore and enjoy rustic "pearl of Africa" service, where, "you are most welcome" actually means just that!