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Johannesburg, 24 June 2013

Continental Outdoor Media took their clients on a pub ‘immersion’ in JHB north to showcase SociaLite Digital Posters and branded TV’s

Over 110 bars across South Africa are now showcasing over 300 digital posters and 400 Branded TV’s, aptly named SociaLite networks. Continental Outdoor Media has created this country wide network of indoor, out-of-home (OOH) advertising sites that are viewed on average by 6000 people per venue per month with an almost two hour dwell time. The digital posters are remotely controlled from their head office and advertising is interspersed with content, including material supplied by the landlord such as menu boards; these are the ideal conversation starters.

"Word-of-mouth combined with food is primary in persuading consumers to purchase.  The effect of advertising that reaches people while they are eating and drinking and creates conversion about the brand is much more powerful. It engages multiple senses creating positive associations and a feeling of trust," said Martin Lindstom at a Progress Conference in Johannesburg in May 2013.

Continental Outdoors’ SociaLites have great reach.  Digital, full motion posters (DigiPosters) are placed in key convergence areas in the venue and even though the average is 6000, in the busiest bars they can be seen by as many as 15 000 patrons a month. They show brand messaging and adverts with 15 second slots, but can go up to 30 seconds; interspersed with venue promos, menu items, happy hours and specials at no cost to the landlord, as well as some interesting quotes and content. The content has apparently been the source of much conversation amongst patrons, who are then also more likely to watch the adverts and talk about these.

Continental Outdoor Media took clients on a pub ‘immersion’ to showcase SociaLites in bars and restaurants around Jo’burg north. The first stop was Primi at Design Quarter, then Molly’s and finally Outer Limits at Broadacres where Lelanie Butler, Sales Director for Continental Outdoor Media and Gus Rout told clients more about this offering.  

Lelanie Butler gave an introduction at Primi, “The Socialite network delivers engagement opportunities with sought-after and traditionally hard-to-reach consumers including business men and woman as well as the hip and happening market.  With these audiences spending an average of 1 hour 45 minutes in the pub or bar environment, advertisers are able to capitalise on a high dwell time while they are in a relaxed mind-set.” She continued, “Our network of 300 high definition digital screens, located in 112 urban pubs and bars, offers the perfect opportunity for advertisers seeking to engage with a young, affluent audience in their chosen environment.  The flexible creative menu, combined with our time of day targeting opportunities, allow you to transform a call to action into a real change in consumer behaviour.” DigiPosters are available in four different sizes and the networks are available in bars in Durban, Cape Town and Jo’burg. As the number of venues increase per region, already booked campaigns automatically go into the new bars in that region.  Gus Rout went on to speak about the limitless potential of digital posters, he said, “They can run full video, they can run anything you like!”