ROMItrack research by Continental Outdoor Media for Ariel in Tzaneen - Tazneng Mall - October 2013

Johannesburg, 31 October 2013

Continental Outdoor Media releases research results from their out-of-home (OOH) advertising effectiveness measurement tool ROMItrack. ROMItrack is an analysis, a first for South Africa and Africa, initiated by Continental Outdoor Media with exclusive collaboration with Nielsen that evaluates the return on media investment (ROMI) on an OOH campaign, and compares test sales against a statistically matched control group.    

The outcome of the analysis allows a marketer to quantify the impact of the OOH campaign and make fact-based decisions for future campaigns.  John Wanamaker, a 19th century merchant and a pioneer in marketing and advertising, famously said about traditional advertising that, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."  It is well known that in times of economic uncertainty spending is curbed, and it is usually the marketing, advertising and communications budget that gets tightened first.  ROMItrack can now prove that marketers’ OOH media investments are well placed and contribute to their bottom line.

“Many campaigns are measured for their increase in awareness with consumers, however the marketing function is only there to impact on the bottom line.  ROMItrack now illustrates to marketers and planners that they are truly getting ‘bang for their buck’ from their OOH campaigns!” says Lyn Jones, Marketing Manager of Continental Outdoor Media.

The first of the studies undertaken by Continental Outdoor and Nielsen was over the Ariel washing powder launch period in South Africa.  The analysis demonstrates the true value that OOH advertising contributes to the sale of product as part of an integrated campaign.

In the test area, measuring the impact of Outdoor Advertising in the lower LSM areas, there was an overall positive response to the campaign with Ariel realising 48% and 51% of sales value and sales volume uplift, respectively.  Ariel gained share during the launch campaign thus stealing most of its share from its competitors who saw a decrease in sales during the campaign.  The return on media investment (ROMI) for the OOH campaign was R0.88 for every Rand invested.  This return is above expected, with the benchmark for a similar execution being R0.04.

Further analysis from Nielsen shows that since the introduction of Ariel, with one of the biggest launches the South African market has experienced, the laundry detergents category has seen significant growth of around 29% with Ariel contributing a massive 80% to this growth.

“We are conducting further analyses for other OOH campaigns, as we appreciate that the Ariel launch, the biggest we’ve seen in South Africa for a while, was bound to deliver well based on the massive overall media investment.  We’re looking forward to building a database of case studies that continue to prove the efficacy and effectiveness of OOH without relying on international studies to do so,” continues Jones.