Continental Outdoor continues to prove the effectiveness of OOH through their ROMItrack results!

Since the inception of their ROMItrack product in 2013, Continental Outdoor has produced four studies, as part of an ongoing plan, that show the impact and Return on Investment that an Outdoor Advertising campaign produces on the bottom line. 

All four studies were conducted in LSM 4 – 7 areas analysing campaigns that had been flighted on Continental Outdoors’ Calabash network of sites.  The Calabash community, LSM 4 – 7 consumers, are influenced by media to make their purchasing decisions.  This market are reluctant to buy unknown brands and are nervous to risk their money on new products that do not show credibility within their environment.  The success of Outdoor Advertising in this market is proven by ROMItrack, largely as this market are very high consumers of Outdoor Advertising and believe that brands that are advertised on large billboards to be more trustworthy than those that do not advertise on billboards. (TGI).   “Whilst these case studies have only been conducted in the LSM 4 – 7 market to date, we are comfortable that the same trends will be evident within higher LSM target groups”, says Lyn Jones, Marketing Manager of Continental Outdoor Media.  “Many campaigns are measured for their increase in awareness with consumers and not the actual impact the campaign has on the sales of product.  ROMItrack now illustrates to marketers and planners that they are truly getting ‘bang for their buck’ from their OOH campaigns!”   The studies demonstrate higher than expected results.  For every Rand spent in the FMCG Health & Beauty category, R2.02 is made.  Similarly, in the FMCG Homecare category R1.88 is made, and in the Health & Beauty category R1.88 is made.  In the Baby Care category, where a high ticket purchase was measured, a phenomenal R15.80 return on Media investment was made.

ROMItrack is an analysis, a first for South Africa and Africa, initiated by Continental Outdoor Media with exclusive collaboration with Nielsen that evaluates the return on media investment (ROMI) on an OOH campaign, and compares test sales against a statistically matched control group.   

The outcome of the analysis allows a marketer to quantify the impact of the OOH campaign and make fact-based decisions for future campaigns.   ROMItrack can now prove that marketers’ OOH media investments are well placed and contribute to their bottom line.