Johannesburg, 18 June 2014

FEPE spotlights “Out of Home Lives” in new international study

Barry Sayer, past President of FEPE, and Executive Chairman of Continental Outdoor, has lauded the initiative of FEPE, the worldwide association of outdoor advertising companies, to undertake the global study that identifies Out of Home as key for advertisers to drive sales and build brands. The study highlights the evolving nature of how consumers engage and communicate with brands, driven by the rapid inclusion of mobile technology into campaigns.  The study gains insight into consumers’ interaction with Out of Home and more specifically how they expect OOH to satisfy their new fast-paced, techno-driven lifestyles. 

The research, conducted in the UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey, South Africa and Brazil, was unveiled at the recent FEPE congress held in Vienna in June.  Bazil Lauryssen, CEO of Continental Outdoor, chaired the ensuing panel discussion comprised of 5 key global OOH thought-leaders, “So what do consumers think about OOH?” 

Top-line findings amongst urban consumers in the 6 markets found that 24% select Out of Home advertising as the most trustworthy, second only to TV (28%).  34% select OOH advertising as the most memorable, second only, once again, to TV (46%).  This supports the well-known combination of OOH and TV to instil trust and create memorable advertising.  This combination allows adverts to cut through the noise and maximise each impact.  A key statistic is that 79% have taken some form of action as a result of seeing an Out of Home advert.  Consumers, particularly in tough economic times, are firmly focused on the ‘value exchange’ which stresses the need for brands to make advertising worth their time and attention with relevant offers and messaging.   

Continental Outdoor has recently launched their Digital Roadside billboard network in South Africa and into sub-Saharan Africa.  The key offering to advertisers is the ability to purchase day-part networks that speak to consumers in their relevant mindset.  The research clearly supports this strategy, as 59% of urban consumers would be interested in digital Out of Home that showed information relevant to time of day or their location.

Connected consumerism reinforces the need for marketers to engineer their consumer conversations in a seamless manner, using OOH as the launch pad to begin the conversation onto mobile and tablet devices where further dialogue can continue.  Smart phone penetration is reaching saturation in urban areas and campaigns can no longer be planned with media silos, but rather as carefully crafted conversation maps.  40% of consumers in the study claimed to have looked up information online immediately as a result of Out of Home media.  The complex route to decision-making and purchasing suggests that the OOH trigger needs to be more persuasive and drive consumers to exactly what they need to derive the correct information to make their decision or purchase.

The study has unearthed the commuter mindset and particular profiles of receptiveness behaviour whilst commuting and engaging with technology.  The survey has profiled commuters into 5 subsets viz., Hyper Individuals, Communicators, Musical Observers, Readers and Nearly Nothing.  These profiles will assist marketers in fine-tuning their messages to relevant commuters within their target markets.  It is clear that Out of Home triggers action and purchase, both via Digital and traditional formats.  Results illustrate that whilst digital OOH formats grow rapidly, interaction with traditional static OOH formats remain important for effective connections with target audiences.

Consumers have sharp expectations for marketers to deliver quality, creative and innovative messages and content on OOH platforms.  Continental Outdoor Media, as the official sponsor of the Loeries Outdoor category, and the Official Supplier of Out of Home Media to the Loeries, celebrates creativity and excellence in advertising so that campaigns receive maximum reach and impact in the appropriate environments.  The study confirms that OOH needs to be more creative, humourous and impactful.  For further information on the FEPE study you are welcome to contact Continental Outdoor Media.  Ends

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