Dar-es-Salaam, 12th November 2014. Out of home media is interactive, connected, experiential, and strategic. When integrated with today’s digital, social and mobile platforms OOH advertising leverages the convergence of content, mobility and social media to reach and engage consumers away from home, where other forms of advertising just can’t go. Samsung Electronics Tanzania in partnership with one of Tanzania’s leading outdoor player- Continental Outdoor Media Ltd has embarked on an innovative campaign to share experiences among technologically empowered and social media-connected audiences in Tanzania by leveraging the immediacy of digital OOH displays to promote social interaction and social commentary.

In a remarkably short period of time, internet and mobile technology have become a part of everyday life amongst Tanzanians. Like other African countries, mobile phone use has rocketed in Tanzania over the past decade, with telecoms the fastest-expanding sector in the country. Tanzania has a total of around 28 million mobile phone subscribers, representing a mobile penetration of 63 percent. The internet has also made tremendous inroads in Tanzania. The rapidly growing number of Internet users in the country- reaching 9.3 million users in 2014; equivalent to 20 per cent of the 48 million people in Tanzania, is attributed to the technological revolutions and improvements that have led to a substantial decline in the cost of using internet services backed by government’s initiative to heavily invest in the national fibre optic technology.

Social media uses web-based and mobile interactivity to create, exchange, and broadcast user-generated content. Social media engages consumers with interactive content, entertainment, and transactions - anytime, anywhere. As media platforms converge, mobile connectivity skyrockets, and out of home digital options proliferate. OOH advertising is emerging as a key media option to accelerate and amplify social media and mobile marketing campaigns.

Tanzanians spend more than 70 percent of their waking hours outside of the home. OOH advertising’s unique ability to surround and immerse on-the-go consumers with a wide array of engaging advertising formats makes it the perfect strategic complement to social and mobile media in an integrated advertising plan. Gone are the days when outdoor media only meant static billboards around every nook and corner within the urban areas/city and a lower visibility of the same outdoor media in the rural regions.

While it may be the oldest form of advertising, out-of-home (OOH) media has been resuscitated over the last 8 years in Tanzania. While we are all used to catching a glimpse of a billboard while cruising down the highway, or making a mental note to check out that newly opened Mall after seeing its promotional poster at a bus stop, interactive out-of-home media encourages consumers to do more than just take a quick look. The introduction of digital technology in OOH media spaces has shifted the medium away from being purely a broadcast channel to one that can be interactive.

“Traditionally Out-of-home advertising in Tanzania has been limited to static faces, the introduction of Citilites some years back brought a new dynamic in the form of rotation, which allowed marketers to buy audiences rather than sites.” recalls Russell Stuart, General Manager of Continental Outdoor Media (T) Ltd. “The digital rea in now upon us and Perceptions are changing. WitJerry Silaah mobile and digital technology, OOH advertising can go from reaching a broad audience to engaging with a consumer one-on-one, straight off a billboard/outdoor screen, a billboard now being interactive is what has really got the industry excited” he says.

Continental Outdoor is leading the way in paving Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa’s roads, commuter and consumer convergence areas with Digital advertising screens.  It is fast expanding its network across Africa into airports, malls, on escalators, bars and restaurants, and onto roadside with their newly launched product called Ignite Digital Screens. “Ignite is another first of its kind introduced in Tanzania following on the success of the innovative Citilites, which have now been rolled out to all the country’s major urban areas. Ignite gives us an opportunity to be innovative for new product launches and provides value for money on good locations for each 15 sec slot, The introduction of day part selling and the flexible packaging options that are available gives the marketer options that were until now not available.”. added Mr. Stuart.

Samsung Electronics Tanzania took the opportunity and went one step ahead in leveraging the digital screens by mobilizing technology and mobile interactivity to build hype and excitement around the launch of their new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The Selfie ‘Get Noted’ campaign used the Ignite screens to display consumer generated content that promotes the powerful photographic capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The ‘Get Noted’ campaign sets an example of a truly integrated creative approach where live content is shared via the mobile smartphone to connect with OOH media, making it the first campaign of its kind to launch in Tanzania.

“The mass use of smart mobile devices and the essential need to be connected to the online world is bringing added strength to the Out of Home medium. Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the dominant digital format versus desk bound machines.” noted Mike Seo, the Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Tanzania. “We wanted to invite our target audience of the Note 4 to explore unique opportunities and share their experiences and fun moments with their fans and friends. The special unique features of the Note 4 S pen and more advanced photographic capabilities captures the most precious moments and provides endless opportunities for the Note 4 owner to cherish and share those special moments with everyone”. The selfie moments were also shared on Samsung’s facebook page to increase awareness through the social media too thereby converging 3 latest platforms to generate rapid awareness which in turn creates a ‘halo effect’ providing the Samsung brand greater stature, presence and talk-ability.