Johannesburg, 12 February 2015 Opel Adam and Continental Outdoor pack a punch! The new trend-conscious Opel Adam packs a punch at every turn. The unique, comfortable and all-new Opel Adam fits in with consumers’ lifestyles and to promote this completely new name plate for Opel in South Africa they did not have the luxury of relying on previous ownership or consumer experience to sell the car. The promotion of this new product required visually powerful media platforms to drive the message home. One of the key benefits the Adam product offers consumers is the ability to customise their vehicle to suit their style. The innovative Outdoor Advertising execution, conceptualised and produced by Continental Outdoor, with animation and projection from Applix, made use of projectors to illustrate this during the evening with creative movement and colour changes on an otherwise static platform. Commuters travelling towards Johannesburg on the N1 Ben Schoeman highway, just before the New Road Interchange, Midrand, will be made aware of this new attitudinal game changing model for the months of February and March 2015. OJ van Jaarsveld, GMSA Account Director at Admakers, states, “The positioning statement for the Opel Adam is ‘Are you a Game Changer’. One cannot claim to be a game changing product aimed at game changing individuals and just use ‘normal’ media executions. Thus, we thought it suitable to use a very traditional platform, like a billboard, and inject our own game changing attitude”. View the game changing creative execution on: