Johannesburg, 19 February 2015

Continental Outdoors’ Digi-nomics a huge success at the South African Mindshare Huddle!


The “Did you know” of the art of digital conversations by Continental Outdoor  was chosen as one of the futuristic and innovative concepts to be showcased at the inaugural South African Mindshare Huddle on Tuesday 17 February 2015.  Themed “Futurenomics”, the Mindshare Huddle was a full day ‘un-conference’ where clients, staff and media owners shared intimate and no-holds barred discussions about the future of media.  The mantra for the day was “think provocation, controversy and standing for something”. 


Continental Outdoor invited attendees to climb into their Digi-Pod and take a drive through the art of engineered brand conversation and finally redeem their special gift with their virtual coupon. The future speaks to Media Engineering and structuring brand conversations down the media funnel from macro to micro!  Continental Outdoor demonstrated how Digital Out of Home multi-screens integrate to form the foundation to launch brand conversations, across the African continent, onto mobile and online platforms…all the way to the till! 


Lelanie Butler, Sales Director SA, states, “We demonstrated how conversations and relationships can be engineered throughout Africa from a single source from our Digital hub in Bryanston onto multiple screens in real time or as a pre-planned campaign.  The experience we put delegates through also showcased how we are able to seamlessly integrate campaigns from our DOOH platforms, using the cameras we have installed on our sites, onto social platforms or other digital channels.  The integration with mobile and the DOOH channels illustrated how the flow opens the formats up for informational, conversational and transactional capabilities using various techniques like RSS feeds, content creation and wifi couponing.  These ‘engineered’ conversations also become perfect opportunities to build databases, track responses and evaluate the return on media investment (ROMI) of campaigns across sub-Saharan Africa”. 


Lyn Jones, Marketing Manager, continues, “DOOH location-based technology coupled with engineered conversation plans can provide instant gratification and moments of truth to deliver ONE experience to customers wherever they are in the buying lifecycle.  We had a lot of fun demonstrating these possibilities creating 6 brand scenarios through our digital hub which we set up for the Huddle.  The industry has spent a long time talking about how this should happen.  This is now a reality, and we were very excited to show the attendees that we are now able to deliver these solutions across the sub-Saharan region!”