Johannesburg, 10 March 2015 Sub-Saharan African consumers connect with Coke via Continental Outdoors’ Ignite screens! The first truly interactive Digital Out of Home campaign to move into sub-Saharan Africa is owned by Coca-Cola with their “Share a Coke” campaign which activates consumers to replace the advertised name on the can with their own! “The core idea behind the global campaign is to reunite friends with the idea of getting together and sharing a good time over a Coke by re-igniting real conversations with friends. What better way than to personalise this, and interact with Coke, by showcasing their names super-imposed on digital billboards” states Hilda Gullacksen, Coca-Cola Niarobi. Continental Outdoor has provided Coca-Cola with exclusive Digital coverage on their Roadside Digital billboards for 1 hour each day in various African cities for passers-by to sms their names to a dedicated number advertised on the screen. Their names are fed live onto the screen and superimposed onto a Coca-Cola can for 15 seconds each. “The campaign was designed to reach the masses, and as smartphone penetration in sub-Saharan Africa is limited, the sms function works well on all mobile phones”, explains Adelaide McKelvey, Continental Outdoors’ MD for Rest of Africa. “As innovators in the Digital Out of Home space in Africa we are able to broadcast messages across the continent with the switch of a button controlled from our digital hub based at our Head Office in Bryanston, Johannesburg”. Marketers need to create a common brand experience across all OOH platforms (traditional and digital), and social media, that provide magical moments of truth to deliver ONE experience to customers wherever they are in the buying lifecycle. Continental Outdoor are able to engineer consumer conversations from their Digital hub in Bryanston onto multiple screens in real time or as a pre-planned campaign, and are able to seamlessly integrate campaigns from their DOOH platforms onto social platforms or other digital channels. The integration with mobile, and the DOOH channel in itself, can be used as an informational, conversational and transactional tool using various techniques like RSS feeds, content creation and wifi couponing. These ‘engineered’ conversations also become perfect opportunities to build databases, track responses and evaluate the return on media investment (ROMI) for marketers. View the campaign: