Johannesburg, 27 May 2015


Continental Outdoor supports creatives who don’t take no for an answer

The entries for the 2015 Loeries close at the end of this month, and so it is now all in the hands of the judges to give their yes or no on South Africa’s top creative campaigns. Continental Outdoor is the official Out of Home (OOH) sponsor of the Loeries for the second year, and the 2015 campaign theme that is currently flighted on their Digital Out of Home (DOOH) network is, “Just how many ‘no’s’ does it take to finally get that ‘yes’ from the Loeries judging panel?”

The Loeries, “How many ‘no’s’ does it to get a Loerie” DOOH campaign is flighted on Continental Outdoors Ignite, Socialite, and Airport Digipods countrywide. The perseverance of creative agencies will reach media, creative and marketing minds on key roads, in shopping centres, pubs, and when waiting for a flight.

Continental, with their in-house creative and innovations team, Contagious, are completely aware of the importance of creativity in an impactful OOH campaign, and how central this is to the brand’s return on investment. With so much distraction in modern cities it takes innovation and intelligence to not only catch, but hold a gaze, and for the appropriate brand messaging to be remembered. In OOH this has to be captured in a few seconds. The introduction of digital in the OOH arena has opened up a new avenue for creatives to apply their minds, and for the medium to become a content provider.

“Continental Outdoor work hand in hand with the creative agencies and give advice on the best way to actualise an idea optimally for this platform. We celebrate ingenuity and love it when Creative Agencies appreciate the impact a well thought through and impactful OOH campaign is developed to begin or enhance the conversation with consumers. The opportunities that OOH offers are growing and we pride ourselves in keeping at the cutting edge of international trends and offering creatives the latest canvasses on which to express their art,” says Lyn Jones, Group Marketing Manager at Continental Outdoor Media.


Please click here to view the Loeries campaign.


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