Johannesburg, 6 August 2015 Advertising is more engaging while socialising Continental Outdoor Media captivates audiences when there are having fun through their SociaLite Leisure Network, a highly effective out of home (OOH) medium. Continental Outdoor is leading the digital out of home (DOOH) movement and innovation within South Africa and Africa and one of the many digital solutions that they offer is the strategic placement of advertising screens in pubs, clubs and restaurants that allow brands to increase their exposure in a social and amiable environment where consumers are more likely to engage and absorb relevant messages. The high dwell time and relaxed environment is the perfect springboard which allows for consumers to interact with brands through the engineering of conversations onto digital and social channels. These leisure networks are found in key convergence areas inside mainstream social venues that showcase brand messaging and adverts, interspersed with venue promotions, menu items, happy hours and venue-related specials. Brands stand out in the crowd. These networks deliver highly effective reach, targeting 56.8% of consumers within the LSM of 7-10 segment and 42.7% of these consumers remember the adverts they see in pubs and restaurants. The SociaLite Leisure network allows marketers to purchase pre-packaged geo-demographic and psychographic locations, all from the ease of their desk. The 5 networks, namely Sports Bar, Out of Towner’s, Family and Restaurant, Youth, and a La carte (location) provide a myriad of opportunities for brands to showcase their products in the prime areas of Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Content and context drive your message home: These environments are targeted to reach the right audiences and to present the relevant advert in 30 seconds, creating reach and relevance. The more you ‘push’ unfocussed messages from a brand to the consumer, the less relevant it becomes to the consumer. For more information on SociaLite networks please contact Darren McKinnon at Continental Outdoor Media on (011) 514 1400. Click here to better understand Continental Outdoor Media’s SociaLite network in action.

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