Congratulations to our September to December 2017 Creative Accolade winners!


These are the top brands out on the streets demonstrating fundamental creativity and Out of Home excellence!


1. Advertiser: Fly Safair
Location: Johannesburg
Duration: Launched 1 September 2017 until end October 2017.

Fly Safari
The campaign was implemented via multi-media channels, primarily out of home formats, both electronic and Citilites in the Sandton area. The campaign was further supplemented by an intensive one week burst on 702 Spotlight and Cape Talk.
Creative solution:

The objective of the campaign was to target business travellers and communicate the benefits of flying with FlySafair. These core benefits are on-time performance, on average 16% cheaper than other airlines as well as more routes than any other low cost airline in South Africa. Additionally, the credibility of being the trusted domestic carrier to the Springboks and SA Rugby was also communicated within the campaign. The campaign itself had no particular challenges, but rather penetrating an established, highly contested market was recognised as a challenge.


2. Advertiser: Insucon
Location: Pretoria
Duration: October to February

Creative solution:

This was Insucon’s first Outdoor advertising campaign. Their aim was to create awareness off their company and attract clients to their website.

The Campaign was interesting in many ways. The client was new to out of home, has barely any presence in Pretoria and took a strong stance in having to invest to build branding. Their artwork reflected just this in that they wanted to trigger curiosity in people. This is a good example of how simple, down to the point and striking artwork can work well.


3. Advertiser: Monsta Pops
Location: Gauteng
Duration: October-December

Monsta Pops
Outdoor formats - 3x6 and 3x12
Creative solution:

We chose out of home because we wanted to increase our brand awareness and visibility in local communities around Gauteng, and that’s something we’d struggled to do on TV with our limited marketing budget. We partnered with JCDecaux because they demonstrated that they thoroughly understand our target market. They’ve also got the infrastructure and expertise needed to speak to our customers in an impactful yet cost effective way. – Matt Jackman, Category Development and Marketing.


4. Advertiser: MTV
Location: Gauteng Johannesburg
Duration: 11 September until 12 November 2017

Digital platforms – videos, gifs and images
Creative solution:

To drive Awareness, Audience Reach/Ratings and Tune in
To leverage the campaign and drive votes and ratings to the channel
To drive viewer competition and awareness around African nominated talent
To highlight the property as a leading feature of the Viacom brand as it has been part of the MTV brand for several years.


5. Advertiser: Prison Break
Location: Gauteng, Johannesburg
Duration: 4 weeks

Prison break
Creative solution:

JCDecaux sub-Saharan Africa, the leader in advancement in Out-Of-Home in Africa, announced that they have joined forces with M-Net, a subscription-funded television channel broadcast in South Africa, to showcase how a simple twist to creativity can make an impact, using one billboard and two creative messages, to launch the commencement of season 5 of Prison Break.

Prison Break, an America television serial drama which has been broadcasted for four seasons, returned to M-Net on October 2, 2017 for the first time since 2009. M-Net wanted to create an outdoor campaign that will launch the start of season 5 of Prison Break.


6. Advertiser: Soweto Gold
Location: Soweto, Gauteng
Duration: Launched 15th October

Soweto gold
Wall murals, small & medium formats, mini tavern towers
Creative solution:
All our branded walls had WI-FI installed in them sponsored by Soweto Gold

To drive awareness, reach and visibility. The great big brand feels in Soweto targeting mainstream consumers. But most importantly to help guys manage the highs and lows of life with the companionship of “Brotherhood”.


The launch of Soweto Gold is a significant milestone within the Heineken SA brand portfolio. It was important to establish SG in its home of origin, Soweto, whilst communicating that it will now be brewed for all South Africans. The bold OOH executions, aimed at taking over Soweto ensure that this message is landed in a bold and proud manner.


7. Advertiser: Swatch
Location: Gautrain Station in Sandton, Johannesburg and Cape Town Waterfront
Duration: Oct – Dec 2018

Swatch Swatch 01
TV screens, Info pods & digital screens
Creative solution:
The campaign allows customers to build and accessorise their own Swatch by choosing from a selection of dials, top straps, bottom straps, loops, and strap pins

The objective of the new product line was to give Swatch customers the ability to express their own sense of style by creating and accessorising their own Swatch from a selection of specifically created product. We decided on digital platforms to advertise the campaign as it allowed for video advertising which conveyed exactly how the concept works – far more effective that a static image.


8. Advertiser: Toyota Aygo X-Cite
Location: Johannesburg
Duration: October

2 Citilite Networks and on our Roadside Digital Limelite Network.
Creative solution:
The creative stood out and was clean and clear (and was one of the largest campaigns we ran with Toyota.

This booking came through from FCB for Toyota on their Aygo Campaign. Their target market was new drivers, so the youth, along with parents who have 18year olds This is an entry level vehicle. The campaign was driven through Out of Home ONLY which is unusual for Toyota and they do use TV quite a bit. Their focus was to push 2 artworks – one being the red for the first half of the month and then the blue creative for the second half of the campaign.