JCDecaux Green Policy

As Africa's largest Outdoor Advertising company, providing more than 42 000 outdoor advertising opportunities across Africa, JCDecaux recognises that our corporate responsibility is to minimise the potential for causing harm to the environment in all aspects of our activities. We strive to build a good, brand based on sustainable business practices and improve our environmental stewardship.

New printing/production systems

JCDecaux is introducing a revolutionary new advertising product that is bio-degradable, is made of recycled textiles and will not be harmful to the environment. It as also cheaper than normal PVC flex face material generally used in the outdoor advertising industry. We are also continually pursuing eco-friendly alternatives for our printing and production processes.

Partnerships with Green companies

Carbon Dâ Afrique recycling of billboard flex material, Pikitup, Green Parade packages which offer environmentally aware advertisers the opportunity to promote their causes.

Digital formats

With the roll-out of our Digital Networks, we are eradicating the printing process.

Solar energy to illuminate sites

JCDecaux has in conjunction with appropriate sponsors provided solar power to select advertising signs. This project was initiated by Nedbank. The further roll-out of other sites will be dependent on obtaining sponsors. New products are being developed to include solar energy.

Electricity timers on billboards

JCDecaux is contributing positively and proactively to the massive power shortages by having installed timer switches on a large number of their illuminated outdoor advertising structures. The illumination is shut down from 1am to 5am in the morning when most consumers are off the roads.

Corporate Head Office

On the 1st March 2009, JCDecaux relocated to an environmentally friendly green building on the corner of William Nicol and Main road in Bryanston. The new building provides cost savings in the form of optimal usage of space, illumination, heating and air-conditioning amongst other benefits.

Litterbin advertising

Our litterbin products are sold throughout Gauteng and other select areas in South Africa. We have a partnership with Pikitup, who together with us, maintain and promote the cleanliness of our environment by providing litterbin facilities at strategic points throughout CBD's and suburban areas.

Food & Trees for Africa

We are committed to environmental sustainability by being a partner with Food & Trees for Africa, contributing in excess of R500 000 in media spend per annum to assist in creating an awareness of the benefits of environmental upliftment activities amongst all communities in South Africa, poverty alleviation, improved environments, capacity building and skills development. FTFA's work continues to embrace best practices in sustainable environmental activities that empower poor communities while also playing an important role in reducing the carbon emissions that are threatening our planet.


JCDecaux recognises that its corporate responsibility is to minimise the potential for causing harm to the environment, socially and to stakeholders in all aspects of its activities. The company strives to build a ‘good’ brand based on sustainable business practices and improve its environmental and social stewardship.

Group Sustainable Development: the six strategic priorities


environment priorities

The company, from a Corporate Social Investment perspective, offers the following key services to deserving non-profit organisations in the form of:

  1. Advertising awareness on its unsold Out of Home inventory (billboards, street furniture, digital signage) to promote and assist the relevant organisations achieve their mission and objectives.
  2. Contribution of old billboard flex faces for recycling to provide communities or organisations with material to make e.g. handbags, schoolbags.

The company is not the initiator of each association/NGO, however through their support they believe that they provide much needed advertising exposure to further each association/NGO’s goals and objectives by providing media awareness and/or materials to achieve their goals.


JCDecaux provideS the following NGO’s/Associations with media space and/or old billboard flex face materials:

    1. BirdLife SA – giving conservation wings
    2. Afrika Tikkun – developing communities in SA
    3. The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory
    4. The Swaziland Epilepsy Organization (SEO)
    5. The Journey of Hope Botswana (Breast Cancer awareness)
    6. Malaria No More – sub-Saharan Africa
    7. Sparrow Schools
    8. Food & Trees for Africa
    9. Deskbags, E’Yako Green, TrashBack (recycling of old flex faces)