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Seasonal Specials…just for you!

Whilst you're about it...don't forget that our Digital OOH formats drive sales! With the holiday season almost upon us why not book one of our specially customised OOH packages that will give your bottom-line a boost over the season! Give us a call...we'll design your interactive campaign based on your needs and budget!



Festive Network (Oct – Dec)


  • Consumers are in shopping mode...major shopping mode!
  • Drive your message all the way to the till with price-driven campaigns
  • Capitalise on year-end bonuses!
  • Build awareness all the way up to the holiday season
  • Socialising and networking are key to this time...make sure your brand is there to be considered in the right environment!




Summer (Oct – Dec)


  • Roll in the summer!  Consumer attitudes are upbeat and receptive, so all sunny, happy and fresh communications will go down well!
  • Sun care promotions, health and fitness are all key to the psyche of those in this happy mode.
  • Think Summer – ice-creams, frilly dresses and frivolity!
  • Outside entertainment is a key focus – barbeques, braais, chisa nyama, cocktails and swimming take centre place in leisure time.
  • Make sure your advertising messages reflect this bright mindset and get those tills ringing!
  • Reach and reinforce your product to all the summer revellers!