Our newly created JCDecaux division in Africa is dedicated to creating bespoke Outdoor solutions tailored to achieving a client's advertising objectives. From brand launches to awareness campaigns, Future and Content will take a marketing objective and develop it from concept to on-street reality.


JCDecaux Future and Content is responsible for delivering experiential and dynamic interactive and engaging campaigns delivered through human interaction and sharable experiences, giving audiences a story to tell. Further to this, the Future and Content division will be co-ordinating the sharing of expertise and learning about techniques and technologies across the Group.


As innovation in Out of Home advertising continues to create excitement and add value for both clients and consumers, JCDecaux Future and Content is on hand to assist with the creation of outstanding and truly memorable campaigns...


Suicide squad

Suicide Squad

JCDecaux South Africa created a 3mx10m wall at the Gautrain Sandton Station, to promote the Suicide Squad movie which premiered at cinemas in August 2016.


A graffiti artist was commissioned to create an artwork piece on the wall over a 3-day period in sight of the public. This in turn created great awareness on social media. The video was uploaded onto Facebook and received over 114,700 views

The campaign was very effective in terms of meeting its objectives and it also incorporated high levels of creativity.
The combination of OOH with experiential media created great consumer engagement and laid the foundation for amazing future campaigns of this nature.


702/Standard Bank Joy of Jazz

The campaign was aimed at creating an awareness for the 702/ Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival.


The campaign included buskers who were strategically positioned at the Pretoria and Hatfield Gautrain stations to create an awareness for the festival, engaging with consumers and allowing them a sneak peek as to what to expect at the festival.


Over 6000 commuters were reached in just a period of three hours at a cost of R2.14 per impact.


JCDecaux Africa creative accolades October 2016

Our Creative Accolades winners have been announced for October!


Once again, the winners from both the Classical and Dynamic formats show the importance and value of the clear and consistent presence of their logo's, and simplicity, within their artwork. The Dynamic category winners have demonstrated how the impact of high quality cinematography increases the quality of their exposure!




Festive season campaign ideas from around the world

The Christmas season brings with it the wonderful images of festive lights, hearty food and gaily-wrapped presents. There's no denying that for many businesses, this is the time of the year they are at their peak.


According to an article by NRS Media, the festive season is a great time for businesses which are at their peak during this season, because the average household will spend on extra gifts, travel, food and drink. The article also highlights that the right advertisement, at the right time can have infinitely more impact than the same creative used in the off-season.


Planning ahead will ensure that a brands tactical, seasonal campaign covers all elements and makes an impact during the festive season.


The following festive campaigns run by JCDecaux are a great example of how to execute a successful festive campaign and at the same time capturing the essence of Christmas!


Sampling and Dispensing

From outside bus shelter units to modular free standing glass showcase units, JCDecaux offers a variety of options to assist with dispensing and sampling.


Our modular units allow us to adapt to your needs and requirements. Our digital options include interactive and engaging touch screens.


Bring in Augmented Reality and use of Digital Technologies to be the talk of the town!


Featured case study

Case studyThe case study was conducted in Australia, the client was American express, and the duration of the campaign was two weeks.


JCDecaux used a 20" LCD Screen connected to a PC which ran a desktop version of the Atari Pong Game. By using Push Button Technology, the user was able to move Roddick to return the ball against Pong. There were four buttons - Start to start the game, Serve to serve and two options to move the player up and down the court.


The campaign's objective was to promote AMEX by executing an innovative campaign with an interactive panel featuring a game that recreated the "Roddick v Pong" Atari computer game. The innovate panel enabled the public to be Roddick and challenge Pong to a game of tennis.








Around the world in 60 seconds….

JCDecaux prides itself in creating and executing creative solution best suited for a client's needs. Throughout the month of September and October, JCDecaux delivered some of the most creative and entertaining campaigns in the most relatable way. We saw brands being playful with their audience, stimulating their interest by appealing to their fun-loving side.


Below is a roundup of some of the eye-catching innovative campaigns seen on the streets around the world in September and October.


Innocent Smoothies – 3D Bottle and Wrap

Innocent SmoothiesInnocent Smoothies campaign in Cycle 21 featured a JCDecaux Innovate special build at St. Stephens Green Luas stop.


This special build consisted of a colourful Luas column wrap along with a larger-than-life size bottle of one of the brand's popular smoothie flavours, showcasing the "shiny new bottle" packaging.






KIABI, JCDecaux France: A Model Showcase

KIABI models showcase street furniture jcdecaux franceJCDecaux France transformed three bus shelters on the busiest shopping streets in Toulouse, Marseille and Metz into dressing rooms.


For the release of the Autumn/Winter collection, the French retail brand KIABI took showcasing to a whole new level. The branded bus shelters featured a screen and a mysterious curtain. When the curtain pulled back, commuters and passers-by did not see a mannequin or hanging clothes, but real-life people wearing KIABI's latest collection.




Hunky Dorys – 3D Billboards

Hunky DoryThe Hunky Dorys campaign featured a 3D special build element on a 48 sheet billboard. The 3D plumes of smoke emerging from a 3D bag of crisps demonstrated the heat from the spicy crisp flavour, building brand awareness for the Hunky Dory's latest flavour; Fiery Chilli.




PCFA, JCDecaux Australia: Barbecuing for a Good Cause

PCFAPCFA worked with JCDecaux Australia to customise a free-standing unit on Martin Place in Sydney into a live donation point. PCFA's The Big Aussie Barbie is a campaign designed to increase awareness and funds for prostate cancer in a relaxed, easy environment.


The panel contained a contactless payment port, which people could tap to make a one-off donation. Once they did, the panel animated and one could hear sizzling and smell the well-loved scent of frying onions.


Carlsberg Billboard Special Lighting

The Carlsberg's campaign featured special lighting created in the shape of a family tree, with an array of illuminated glasses of Carlsberg representing individual family members in a family chart. The tagline that Carlsberg is "The Father of Modern







Whaley, JCDecaux China: Creating Music in the Metro

WhaleyWhaley, the official sponsor of the reality talent show Sing! China, worked with STDecaux to promote their Youth Music Program. A custom-built seven-metre panel featured bright music-themed illustrations.


Palm-shaped CTA's invited passers-by to touch the panel. When they did so, the illustrations came to life and music was heard. Additional QR codes invited commuters to find out more about the program via mobile.