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Every year commences with many predictions by the media and business community from around the globe, all citing increased productivity, globalisation and the growth of Africa and its many opportunities for marketers! Whilst I don't own a crystal ball, I agree with most that suggest Africa's growth will be positive, driven by improved institutional performance and better governance.

The rise of connected consumerism in Africa and the need to have meaningful conversations with consumers continues to bode well for the Outdoor Advertising industry. We want to encourage you to connect and converse with your relevant target markets, using our static and digital platforms as the launch pad to mobile devices to drive cost-effective and significant dialogue...all of which will serve your bottom line well! 

We're continuing the growth of our digital footprint this year into new markets. Together with our comprehensive static outdoor coverage, we'll be able to maintain and grow our flexible and cost-effective media choices for you to engineer your conversations with your market.

Enjoy this first issue of "Out of Africa" where we focus on the Old and the New, and look back at the great strides we took in 2014 to be inspired and motivated to even greater heights this year, 2015! We've highlighted campaigns, activities and innovations that really stood out last year. May this year be fruitful and full of growth for you and your brand!




Roadside Digital Screens go live in Angola

Roadside Digital Screens go live in Angola

Roadside digital screens have, following Continental Outdoor's rollout plan, hit the streets of Angola.


There are four digital screens live in Luanda, Angola. These sites can be found on four very strategic arterials in Luanda and provide clients with fantastic opportunities to interact with their respective target markets.The screens are found in the following areas, Ilha de Luanda, 1 de Maio, 21 de Janeiro and Avenue Revolucao de Outbro. These will be the first of their kind in terms of quality and choice of the Day-Part Messaging that are on offer to clients. These will change the landscape of digital offerings to clients in the market and will no doubt have a positive influence on how marketers communicate with their target market. The packages that we have allow brands to do short term campaigns, where they can do tactical campaigns, product launches, product specials and launches. We also have long term options for brand building, product/service awareness and location targeting & dominance.rollout plan, hit the streets of Angola.


“Brian Smith, General Manager for Continental Outdoor Media RoA states, "The installation of these units is an achievement of monumental proportions. Every unit is equipped with a generator that automatically kicks in if there is any interrupted power supply. The units had to be installed in the very early hours of subsequent mornings due to the ridiculous traffic in Luanda. The project had to be planned and executed meticulously and we could not have done it without the support of our local in-house operations team. All four units are now online and monitored from our Digital operations room at our Head Office in South Africa.’’


Distell has paved the way by being one of the 1st clients booked to flight their Nederburg brand with many more prominent brands showing a keen interest.  Continental Outdoor continues to be innovative and contemporary. 





Continental Outdoor Madagascar participates in the sustainable development of the city of Antananarivo

In a common goal of sustainable development of the city, the Urban district of Antananarivo (CUA) and the Region Ile-de-France (RIF) developed and launched in 2005 an accompanying programme: the Green Plan – Blue Plan. In this context, the Program for urban mobility improvement (PAMU), supported by the Ile-de-France Region, set its main objective to improve the travelling conditions of the population of Antananarivo. This program is jointly run by the Urban district of Antananarivo (CUA) and the Institute of Trade of the City of Antananarivo (IMV – Institute des Metiers de la Ville) in consultation with all stakeholders involved in improving travel and traffic in the capital city of Madagascar. The pilot project includes the installation of Bus shelters in Antananarivo and is the practical application of the program. The objective is to improve the taxis-be (buses) services, based on the criteria of regularity, reducing travel time with high quality level of service for the benefit of the travellers and the whole community.


 In order to ensure the quality of service, the profitability, the preservation and sustainability of the Bus shelters, it has been decided to delegate the operations and management of the assets to a private external entity. Continental Outdoor Media Madagascar completed the criteria required for the concession of the Bus shelters and signed a contract with the Urban District of Antananarivo for the concession of the Bus Shelters which are owned by the Urban district of Antananarivo.


Continental Outdoor Media Madagascar has been operational in the country since 2008 and brings the group international know how and experience to the country. Not only is Continental Outdoor Media participating in the sustainable development of the city of Antananarivo, but the company offers advertisers the opportunity to communicate in a different manner and to “talk” to consumers via the Bus shelters. 



Continental Outdoor in Tanzania's TOP 100 Mid-sized Company 2010/2014 yet again!!


TOP 100 Mid-sized Company 2010/2014 Continental Outdoor Media Tanzania has done it again. We have been for the 4th time in consecutive years been selected to the prestigious list of The Tanzania TOP 100 Mid-sized Companies for 2014/2015. This is an outstanding accolade not only for the growth and success of the company, but it's an accomplishment for everyone that has worked tirelessly amidst all challenges to make sure that we continuously achieve great results notwithstanding tough global economic times.


The Tanzania TOP 100 Mid-sized Companies for 2014/2015 survey seeks to identify Tanzania's fastest growing medium-sized companies, which progressively grow their market share in their respective sectors in order to showcase business excellence and highlight some of the most successful entrepreneurship stories. Amongst other things, the survey sought to create databases that will enable medium-sized companies to benchmark themselves against their peers and highlight to policy-makers their contribution to economic growth.



It is an honour for us to be listed and acknowledged amongst those who are contributors in Tanzania's steady and constant economic growth.


Continental Outdoor Media's Executive Chairman Barry Sayer's Interview with Enoch Woo from Asia OOH: The landscape of OOH advertising industry in Africa

What major changes are taking place in the OOH industry in Africa this year and how will those changes evolve in the next 2 years?


Continental Outdoor Media's Executive Chairman Barry Sayer

Twenty years ago three percent of the world's population had a mobile phone and one percent were on the internet. Leap forward to today and two thirds of the world's population has access to a mobile phone and one third of them have the ability to communicate on the internet, according to the McKinsey Global Institute: "Global flows in a digital age".


 So what does that have to do with Out of Home advertising in Africa you may ask? For the answer to that I would refer you to another bit of interesting intelligence from McKinsey which discovers that fifteen percent of transactions in Africa are carried out via mobile banking versus five percent in the developed world. Interesting that Africa considered by some as a backwater in terms of commercial enterprise and a continent considered to be late adapters of new technological concepts, leads the way in the development and adoption of mobile banking through such services as Mpesa (Pesa is the Swahili word for money), offered by mobile phone operators Safricom, MTN, and Vodacom . A service developed in Africa after researchers discovered that local African people were using mobile air time as a proxy for money.


People working in the cities were transferring prepaid mobile airtime to their families in rural areas or small towns through mobile networks to use or sell to release cash (in the case of the latter). Safricom apparently formalised the service in 2007 by allowing customers to deposit money credited to an account on their mobile phones and then by using SMS technology, to transfer it to other users or to stores for payment for goods and services or indeed redeem it through their network of Safricom airtime sellers. The system since has expanded and become more sophisticated beyond the airtime seller networks with major retail chains now acting as agents for the service.




I would guess that the more rapid take-up of mobile versus internet communication in emerging markets as noted by McKinsey is even more skewered toward mobile in Africa given the poor landline phone service in almost all of Africa including South Africa and of course due to the success of the Mobile banking system which I describe above and which a report by Pyramid Research estimates will be worth $ 3Billion in Africa by 2015. Even today there are more Africans making use of the mobile payment system than use Facebook.



So back to the Out of Home advertising medium. For so many years the Out of Home advertising medium's greatest weakness has been its inability to transport a message to market at the speed of other traditional media rivals such as press, radio and television. Whilst it has enjoyed the benefit of ubiquity and impact and even the power of illustration given its graphic ability to demonstrate in picture form the use of a product or service advertised to perhaps a partially illiterate audience in some deep rural markets of Africa, it has still taken a considerable time to print a poster, transport it to the market place and then post it in the selected geographical location. Fortunately with the advancement of the African consumer over the last 25 years, so has the Out of Home medium evolved to remain relevant to this more astute consumer base. Not only have we witnessed the standardisation of Out of Home advertising formats across vast geographic areas but we have also seen similar attachment systems or display technology used in order to allow multi national advertisers to buy coverage of vast geographic areas with common campaigns as opposed to the earlier site by site individual localised buying model.


Digital displays are now becoming more apparent especially in more sophisticated markets such as South Africa. Continental Outdoor Media by example are able to transmit over the internet advertisers copy from a central broadcast base in Johannesburg in South Africa to outdoor advertising displays located not only in major South African cities but to such diverse locations such as Lusaka Zambia, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania and Maputo Mozambique, and in addition offer advertisers the flexibility to buy "day part". In other words to have the choice of advertising in three different segments of the day. For example in the morning slot, advertisers may advertise breakfast cereals or the morning newspaper headlines. The afternoon slot might be more relevant to general consumer goods whilst people are out shopping and the stores are open, or in the evening slot advertisers may decide this a more effective time to advertise alcoholic products such as beers and wine or evening entertainment on offer at various restaurants or night- life venues.

SamsungSo the world's slowest medium to market some years ago with the help of internet connection to digital screens has just become the fastest. To use an American example to illustrate the effect of digital screens linked through the internet, when President Obama was first elected President of the United States first to break the news in Los Angeles California was the Los Angeles Times, but not in the traditional form in its newspaper but on digital billboards driven from a laptop and thereby beating or at least matching television to the news break.

Sub-Saharan Africa covers an area of some 17 million square kilometres and enjoys a population today of over 500 million people. The further challenge to outdoor advertising companies in Sub-Saharan Africa is to provide reasonable coverage of that large and ever growing population at economical cost. Given the competition of other far more time flexible media, the out of home medium has been under significant cost pressure in attempting to make poster flighting cycles more frequent. Here again the often overlooked benefit of being able to send an electronic image across the internet to a remote poster or billboard sites to be displayed on an electronic screen especially at regular frequency is immense and thus as capital cost or price of large electronic screens reduces exponentially and become even more high resolution and daylight visible under the bright African sun, so will the digital poster medium spread from the large urban cities as it exists now, to more remotely located larger towns and eventually cost providing, smaller villages.

Contrary to the experience of so many other largely in-home media such as press who have seen a shift away from their medium to social media facilitated by technological advancement, technology in Africa has become the friend of the Out of Home industry. As mentioned earlier, Africa has led the way in mobile banking since 2002 driven by a considerable consumer need. Persons living in rural areas who are often a day's bus drive away from a conventional bank which are usually located in the bigger cities now have the innovative mobile banking facility which allows for local retail stores in villages or small towns and cities that are affiliated to, or act as agents for banks or mobile phone companies to provide cash, take deposits or facilitate transfers for the localised community residents. How better to communicate the availability of brands, products and services to that rural ,town or city consumer about to make a purchase at a local store through the mobile banking system, than to advertise on the outdoor advertising medium so ubiquitously viewable from busses or minibus taxis that transport shoppers around their local commercial environments?



According to McKinsey for the first time in 200 years, in 2009 emerging markets contributed more to global economic growth than developed economies. That contribution will accelerate with McKinsey claiming that considering a compound annual real GDP growth rate since 2000 of 4.9 percent, Africa remains the third fastest growing region in the world. The future for the Out of Home medium on our continent therefor looks "larger" than ever and with economic and population growth and technology destined to drive the Out of Home advertising market in Africa for the next two years... and far beyond!



Continental Outdoor's Christmas Wish initiative brings joy to the children of Abangani Orphanage


Continental Outdoor's Christmas Wish initiativeChristmas is a time for joy and happiness. It is that time of the year that families and loved ones come together to show love and appreciation for one another through many different way. Unfortunately there are those who are destitute and in need for a caring and giving hand. It is in this spirit that Continental Outdoor Media took it upon themselves to bring joy, happiness, comfort and to share in the spirit of Christmas with the children from Abangani Orphanage in Alexandra.


Abangani Orphanage in Johannesburg, is a haven of hope that offers care to more than 300 children who've lost their parents to HIV/Aids. Mama Portia Mongake started the orphanage in 1997 to eliminate social injustices within the community. Through the generosity of our staff, we were able to go beyond just providing the children with donations of toys, Christmas Presents and Clothes etc but we managed to provide them with school gear so that they could start school in the New Year with pride and enthusiasm. We would like to thank the support of our staff and Mr Sesli of Sesli Textiles, who also generously donated 100 blankets which were more than enough to even hand out some to the grannies that also come to the centre for feeding.

Through the force behind this initiative, Thembi Thabethe, Account Executive at Continental Outdoor Media, we were able to live through and share in the spirit of Ubuntu.

"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed." - Maya Angelou








Advertising firm rewards clients' article


Malawi Advertising firm rewards clients


Advertising firm, Continental Outdoor on Thursday, presented awards to some of its clients during a customer appreciation cocktail held in Blantyre Continental Outdoor General Manager Khwesi Msusa hailed clients for the support given to the firm in 2014. "We are very grateful to customers. It is our promise that we will continue to be the best in the industry' said Msusa. Among others, Continental presented an Execution Excellence Awards to SeedCo.


Carlsberg Malawi received an award for its innovation while growth award went to mobile phone service provider TNM. NBS Bank received the Loyalty Award with the Agency of the Year Award going to Alternative. The Quick Pay Award went to Sky Band Corporation for its speed in settling payment.




South Africa

Kulula.com activation at Gautrain stations shows the ease of online check-in!

Kulula.com's activations, facilitated by Continental Outdoor at the Rosebank and Sandton Gautrain stations, provided the perfect opportunity to captivate and entertain airline passengers' en-route to OR Tambo! In December, just prior to the boost in festive season air travel, kulula.com and their agency King James demonstrated to passengers how it would be much faster, easier and more convenient for them to rather just skip the queue and check-in online from anywhere, i.e. the comfort of their own home, bed, couch, office, or deck chair. The Rosebank and Sandton stations provided Kulula.com in excess of 20 000 passengers per day who were illustrated the ease of online check-in even from a bath or bed!


The initial activations, run at OR Tambo and Cape Town International airports included Siv Ngesi and Jack Parow driven around in a remote controlled bed and bath. This entertaining activation demonstrated that you can check-in from anywhere. The follow-up campaign run at the Gautrain stations, using similar props, endorsed the concept.


To view the full campaign click here





Seen on the streets in 2014!


Continental Outdoor awarded advertising rights for King Mswati III International Airport

Continental Outdoor Media Swaziland

Year 2014 saw Continental Outdoor Media Swaziland take-off with the advertising rights tender award for the Swaziland's King Mswati III International Airport. This was a big stride as it offered us the opportunity to put our brand on the Kingdom's major international hub with the capacity to accommodate large aircraft and long- haul flight operations that connect Swaziland directly with the world. The airport first opened on 7th March 2014. It is strategically located on flat terrain with good visibility and is a gateway to Swaziland and the surrounding region for tourism and business. It is the biggest thing to have happened to the country as it forms part of its Millennium Development Goals.



Continental Outdoor digitize the roads of Africa

The roll-out of Continental Outdoors' roadside digital billboards truly gained momentum in 2014!

Tanzania roadside digital billboards truly gained momentumThere's a digital buzz on the roads of Africa. In 2014 Continental Outdoor commenced with its roll-out of Digital Roadside billboards in Zambia, followed by Tanzania and 5 other sub-Saharan countries!

The roadside digital billboards provide brands with heightened exposure and elevate their stature beyond the traditional messaging style into the new age of digital. The digital billboards allow speedy turn-around for messaging or content changes all driven from the digital hub at Continental Outdoors' Head Office.

Continental Outdoor Media, who operates in 14 African countries, is leading the DOOH development into Africa. It has successfully built a comprehensive network of digital formats in key commuter and consumer hotspots on the roadside, in pubs and restaurants, malls, airports, medical suites and the Gautrain in South Africa. These networks have been rolled out into Africa and will inject the OOH sector and relevant adspend in Africa with a renewed vigour. This exponential growth in Digital OOH (DOOH) will be spurred on by increased economic confidence in Africa, and will continue to drive the OOH growth for many year.


Adelaide McKelvey, Managing Director of Continental Outdoors' Rest of Africa division adds, "More and more roadside, transit areas, malls and lifestyle environments are becoming areas where marketers are able to begin, or continue, their conversations with their consumers. Media planners need to place their brand in the media flow, ensuring that relevant messages are placed in the customer path to purchase. We encourage marketers to engineer strategic, location-based impacts throughout the consumers' day and lifestyle, ensuring that they are guided through the brand experience in a relevant and meaningful manner". "Africa has taken its place within the world as a driver of innovation and will leap-frog many other emerging markets with technological OOH formats providing state of the art media opportunities for our clients", continues McKelvey.

Click here to view just one of the Roadside Digital billboards, situated at Manda Hill, Lusaka:


PAMRO conference moves to Tanzania


PAMRO CONFERENCE MOVES TO TANZANIA2014 saw West Africa being hit by the largest Ebola epidemic in history, affecting multiple countries including those surrounding Ghana where the PAMRO Conference was due to be held. It was with this in mind that the Conference was cancelled in Ghana and moved to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Ebola virus, while it may not be in Ghana, but due to its high health and safety risk levels the PAMRO board did not want to put either their delegates or speakers at risk. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that critical issues are cross-border infections and travel. Please visit their website for the latest official update.

Click Here to visit


Therefore after much deliberation it was decided that the conference be moved back to its usual dates in August. It will now be held between the 23rd and 26th August 2015. The theme will remain the same – "Media Research for One Continent.


The rise and fall of the feature phone

Excerpts from: Africa leads the world into the future of market research: by John-William, client manager, Millward Brown


In Africa today basic feature phones are quickly being replaced by smarter devices. The rate of change is making the feature/smart phone distinction redundant. Looking at the operating system however, we do start to see a trend that may provide key insight into segmenting the mobile market—the rise of Android. BlackBerry's fall from grace across the rest of the world has not been mirrored in Africa; its low-cost uncapped internet offering has kept it in high regard. Yet rising connection speeds and lower data costs are enabling internet access for all. Millward Brown's Africa database shows the rise of smarter devices, and the proliferation is coming from low-income consumers (personal income of less than US$360 per month). Samsung's growth is driven strongly from both the top and bottom of the market; BlackBerry shows dominance at the low end of the market and Apple at the top.